Legal advice

Legal advice

It gets busier in the ground every day. A better disposition is needed so that all assets are carefully registered and visualized. Legal frameworks are necessary for a good structure. The process of cables and pipelines in infrastructure projects has various, complex legal components.

GOconnectIT wants these processes to run smoothly and has experienced legal advisors with knowledge of the legal, financial and technical aspects. We are happy to share and let our clients benefit from our expertise, in order to achieve structural improvement. From assessing and drafting RFAs (requests for adaptation), project agreements and final decisions, to giving advice on the explanation of complex cost components. But also advice on things as breach of contract or excavation damage. Futhermore, we assist our clients in objection and appeal procedures.

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I am very pleased with the connecting role of GOconnectIT's Legal Advisor in the context of standardization of rules. All provinces see and appreciate the major contribution and that is why GOconnectit has a good reputation.

Monique Mastenbroek - Legal staff member

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