Coordination cables & pipelines

Coordination cables & pipelines

Coordination cables & pipelines

In the Netherlands about 1.7 million kilometers of cables and pipelines lie in the ground. These serve to transport liquids, gas, electricity or data traffic and vary in diameter from a few centimeters to more than 2 meters. In the construction or reconstruction of infrastructure (road, rail or water) these can be a severe bottleneck. The construction or reconstruction can only start after conflicting cables and pipelines have been adjusted or moved.

GOconnectIT has experienced consultants who can supervise the entire process of cables and pipelines within a project. Our consultants have proven their added value both in the planning phase and in the realization phase. Our strength is that we have knowledge of both the legal/financial and technical aspects of the process. This enables GOconnectIT to balance interests in all phases of a project and to come up with the right advice. In addition, our consultants are supported by various self-developed software tools. By using these tools, we are able to carry out valuable spatial analyzes at an early stage of a project, but also quickly deliver products such as cost estimates and cost allocation proposals.


Our expertise

  • Inventory of cables and pipelines
  • Performe bottleneck analyzes
  • Draft of relocating plans
  • Generate cost allocation proposals
  • Draft of adjustment reques
  • Draft of decisions and project agreements

What we do

  • Draft and test cost estimates
  • Carry out risk analyzes and risk management
  • Coordinate preparation and implementation of relocation
  • Test final specifications and draft final decisions
  • Draft requirements and (integrated) contracts
  • Give training and workshops
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