GO MapForms app now available for iOS

9 October 2018

Now everyone can collect as-built information without using complex surveying equipment! As of today, the GMF App is now also available for iOS. The GMF App has been used for several years on Android and Windows. We have been able to process feedback from users in the iOS version of the app.

GOconnectIT started the GMF App for Android a few years ago. At that time, Android was used by the vast majority of our customers as operating system. In addition, the Windows version gives work planners the chance to work with the app from desktop. Recently, the demand for a version for iOS began to increase, so we started working with the app for this platform. And now the GMF app for iOs is available in the app store!

For the iOS version, we immediately thought about a new, improved user interface based on feedback from users. The design also focused on the work process, which allows a user to see even more quickly what the next step is and more overview in the process. There are fewer actions needed to complete the process, so remember the app as you zoomed in the sketch, even if you switch between sketches.

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