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Stephanie van der Wal

Legal advisor

I like to connect the legal with the technical. A draftsman would say: 'A drawing says more than a thousand words', whereas language is the instrument of a lawyer. Bringing these worlds together is incredibly fun! Now this is possible at several companies, but GOconnectIT is young and dynamic with a drive and professional attitude.

Stephanie gives legal advice, especially in the area of underground infrastructure. From assessing and drafting VTAs (requests for adaptation), project agreements and final decisions, to giving advice on the explanation of complex cost components. But also advice on more general doctrines such as breach of contract and tort, the latter for example in the case of excavation damage. In addition, Stephanie (whether or not with colleague Rudi) assists clients in objections and appeal procedures.

Fun fact
Stephanie is known for her shoe collection, although she does not want to say anything about the amount of high heels and other shoes she has at home (and in the trunk of her car).

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