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Simone Wismans

Head of Marketing Communications

The industry (cables and pipes) may not sound very sexy, but has a lot to offer. We work with a nice team on very cool products and services.

Simone is responsible for the marketing and communication activities that drive the growth of GOconnectIT. She aims to achieve and celebrate shared successes and gets a lot of energy if good results are obtained through good cooperation. In her free time Simone gets energy from sailing on the canals and enjoying culinary delights. In addition, she has been active with sports since the end of 2017: fitness (not super fun), yoga (a bit of fun), running in the Vondelpark (fun) and cycling and walking through the city (fun!).

Fun fact
Simone likes to eat an egg at lunch. She has introduced the egg cooker at the office which is very popular among colleagues and is self-appointed CEO (Chief Egg Officer).

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