Meet Jasper


Jasper Pothoven

GIS software developer

During my studies in Earth Sciences, I became more and more interested and specialized in the GIS world and got my Masters degree in this field of expertise. My work at GOconnectIT fits in well with this.

Jasper does his work seriously and with pleasure. He can mainly be found behind his laptop and delves into our GIS software to solve problems or develop new functionality. His work is very precise, because if there is a typing error somewhere, it no longer works. Jasper finds this a nice challenge. In addition, it is nice to help others make their work easier.

Fun fact
In his spare time, Jasper likes to look up at the stars instead of into the ground (cables and pipes). Or as Stephen Hawking himself said: "Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet". He has has his own astronomy website since 2004 (

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