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Arjan van Boheemen

Project manager cables & pipelines

At my previous employer, I knew a number of people from GOconnectIT from projects I worked on. The type of person and the way they approached the work really appealed to me. Also, the openness and energy that I felt the first time I had a meeting at the Nieuwegein office, impressed me.

As a Project Manager cables & pipelines, Arjan wants to be reliable and trustworthy. Part of his job is to initiate and monitor tasks, but above all, to proactively identify and address issues and points of attention. Arjan also is a passionate motorcyclist (the fast driving kind), and he aims to go abroad with motorcycle friends at least once a year.

Fun fact
Arjan is on the squash court regularly and even watches squash competitions on YouTube an hour before his match to analyze the perfect technique and position in the field.

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