How do I get my people into apps?

23 November 2018

For many companies in, for example, the infrastructure, it was until recently commonplace: paper work orders and folders full of forms. At the same time, almost everyone can now work with a mobile phone or other mobile device and apps are almost the most normal thing in the world. Time to make an app for all those receipts and forms. But how do you ensure that the apps are actually used?

For the implementation, there are often some obstacles to take. Senior employees are used to working with paper in a certain way. It is good to have a clear idea of ​​how a company works and which processes you could streamline better. How can you use apps and devices as good as possible? It should be easier than what was usual on paper, for example by ensuring that certain data is already filled in in the digital form. Did you know that payment flows also get started faster because clients have all the necessary information much faster?

Some practical advice:

  • Take employees seriously and show that it is not a fill-in exercise, but that the app really is part of a total process
  • Check which data is really important, do not skip the number of checks. Start with the required output
  • Make sure that all data that is known in advance is automatically filled in by the app, that saves the employee time
  • Accompany people in the use and also create an ideas box form for improvements from the field
  • Make use of 'digital' blister sheets, the employee can see for x days what he has filled in himself. This makes the switch from paper easier

Our solution with these benefits is called APPEEE. The implementation requires some guidance, but in practice employees are less afraid of apps than their managers think. Please ask us how APPEEE can benefit your organisation.

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