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Our mobile solutions offer companies the opportunity to make big advances in efficiency, lead times and quality. We offer a suitable solution for both studying and registering data for cable and duct engineers. The user-friendly apps increase the willingness of engineers to work with our solution considerably. Many contractors and network operators have already made this choice and have discovered the advantages of our solutions for themselves.

GMF Aansluitingen Service

The GMF Aansluitingen Service supports the entire connection process, including the making of connection sketches in the field. From the receipt of the data from the client, to the inspection, to the registration after construction, to delivery, and in various formats like XML and PDF.

Changing demands from the clients mean that traditional sketches will make way for connection sketches based on coordinates. The GO MapForms App means that it is now possible to draw connection sketches on geographical layers generating a sketch based on coordinates, without the need of a GPS survey device!

The way the engineers work doesn’t change much, however. The only difference is that the registration takes place digitally. Domestic connections or street lighting masts can be measured with the traditional tape measure. The GO MapForms App translates these measurements into a sketch/revision based on coordinates, which can be imported into the network operators’ GIS systems. GOconnectIT is the only company that has demonstrated with various network operators that engineers in the field can create a sketch which can then be imported into various GIS systems.

The GMF Aansluitingen Service is suitable, among other things, for combination and solo connections G, E, W, Cai, Telecom and OV.

GMF Hoofdnet Service

The GMF Hoofdnet Service takes us another step further than the traditional measurement software. The link between the GMF App and the GPS equipment makes it possible to measure immediately where cables, ducts and objects are. The GMF App ensures, however, that the correct details of the measured objects are also registered immediately. The revision can be delivered directly from the excavation because the client's complete technical details model is present in the GMF App. The generated revision can be imported into the client’s GIS without any manual processing.

Every contractor and network operator’s wish is made real: a route that has been laid can be processed in the GIS within 24 hours. That is well within the 30 days laid down by the Underground Network Information Exchange Act [WION], reducing the risk of excavation damage even further. The leap forwards in efficiency for the contractor and the client, combined with a huge reduction in the work for the contractor, means that the solution is much in demand.

GMF Asset Registratie

The increasingly strict legislation is forcing network operators to make sure that asset information is processed correctly and completely in the systems. Our mobile solutions are also used for several asset related activities, such as station registrations (HD/MS/HS), appendage checks, and the registration of cathodic protection [KB] measuring points in combination with GPS.

The approach is that the details taken must be imported immediately into the client’s GIS. GOconnectIT has therefore built various import modules on network operators’ GIS systems as well as mobile solutions. We also have specialists on hand with up to ten years’ field experience of asset registration with Smallworld GIS.

Augmented Reality

The next step in the visualisation of cable and duct related details is currently in development. The addition of Augmented Reality to the current apps means that the user in the field sees a live image of reality combined with the cables and ducts in the area he has to work in. It is then even easier for the user to take the necessary preventative measures. And, also important, it makes cable and ducts specialists’ work much more interesting!


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