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The service offered by GOconnectIT extends much further than dealing with challenges which arise during the preparation and execution of cable and duct projects. We can gladly help you draw-up the right legal framework, help you tighten up your policy and even train you and your colleagues. This will lead to a structural improvement in the way in which your organisation deals with cables and ducts. 

Laws and Regulations 

The fragmented laws and regulation concerning cables and ducts are often the source of a lack of clarity within projects. When can government demand that a network operator relocates its cables or ducts? Is a network operator always obliged to relocate its cables or ducts? What can you do if there is a difference of opinion about the technical solution? Which party has to carry the cost?

Also: what steps can be taken if unforeseen circumstances arise? What can you do if a cable or duct isn’t moved on time? How do you make sure that the conditioning of the cables and ducts is included in the tender and in the contract with the Contractor? The answers largely depend on the specific circumstances.

GOconnectIT can solve these issues for you because our legal specialists are completely up to date with the latest developments in the law and regulations.

Policy Documents and Regulations

The independence and increasing diversity of cable and duct operators means that the need for control and coordination of laying and moving underground networks is growing.   The pressure on the space available in the underground is also increasing dramatically with the roll-out of new networks and disciplines. Account also has to be taken of the large-scale replacement of ducts which will take place in the next few decades. All in all, these circumstances demand the optimal exchange of information, fine tuning and clear process agreements, but the relationships between cable and duct owners and road managers have rather cooled than improved in recent years. 

A solid policy in respect of what is underground can ensure that the challenges listed above can be dealt with. The right policy can ensure that excavation can take place without worry, and that all parties obstruct each other as little as possible. Consultation and cooperation avoids unnecessary costs and limits social disruption.

GOconnectIT helps you improve consultation structures, client and stakeholder management, and the design of the laying and/or relocation process.  We can also assist you with drawing-up regulations and policy rules like a Telecommunications order, a General Underground Infrastructure Order [AVOI], or a compensation scheme.

Courses and Workshops

A customised course ensures that your project managers and staff, lawyers, risk managers and/or asset managers are up to date with the relocation process for cables and ducts. Extensive attention is paid in the course to the legal framework, the latest developments with regards to legislation and regulation, the relocation process itself, risk management and best practices.


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