Due to the Dutch regulation, GOconnectIT offers digital solutions to support the entire Klic process. From the entire automatic processing of the application on the Kadaster site, to consulting the Klic in the field and registering prevention details. Hundreds of contractors in the Netherlands already make use of this innovative solution.

Klic App

With the Klic App, your Klic report is on your tablet, smartphone (Android or Apple) or laptop (Windows 7/XP) within a couple of minutes. Printed Klic drawings are superfluous and the people in the field always have immediate access to the right details. You comply completely with the WION [Underground Network Information Exchange Act], the details of the Klic can be consulted more accurately, and the risk of excavation damage can be drastically reduced.

There are more than thousand companies working with the Klic App and they are, without exception, extremely enthusiastic. The app has been given an 8.3 and in 88.2% of cases, users say that the Klic App has helped prevent excavation damage.

How can I use it?

Are you interested in the advantages of a Klic App? Visit our website www.klic-app.nl and create an account. You can also download the Klic App free of charge in the App Store or in Google Play to see how the app works. 

Klic Altijd en Overal Service

As well as the Klic App for users in the field, the service also includes a management module for in the office, so that the Klic process can be supported and automated in a simple way. You can control the Klic process and keep a grip on the legislative framework with, for example, ‘validity Klic’, ‘precautionary requirement’ and ‘present on the tablet or smartphone’. You can see at a glance which Klic reports have been requested, and to which users the Klic reports have been assigned. The e-mails from the Kadaster are automatically processed so that the system is completely automatic, with the exception of the assignment to the users in the field.

The solution works in the cloud so that you don’t have to bother with any technical application management. You can add and remove users yourself without having to get in touch with us. The Klic App is free and there are no limitations on installing it for your own employees or subcontractors. Payment is based purely on the use of the service. The Klic Altijd en Overal Service can also be linked to your ERP system.

The Klic Altijd en Overal Service is worthwhile for companies which make use of Klic more than 150 times per year. Companies which use it less than 150 times, mostly work with www.klic-app.nl.  

Preventie Service

The evaluation of the Underground Network Information Exchange Act [WION] has shown that the registration of preventative measures is becoming increasingly important for clients and insurance companies. 

The Preventie Service is focussed on preventing excavation damage by making people in the field more aware and by recording the measures that have been taken. The service consists of an office component in combination with an app for in the field. The app helps the fieldworker and offers him the opportunity to record prevention details without too much effort.

The Prevention App supports:

  • Reading Klic
  • Automatic registration of a GPS track
  • Registration of agreements with regards to the Precautionary Requirement [Eis Voorzorg]
  • Registration of test trenches with photos and the cables and ducts discovered, with date and time (automatic)
  • Registration of deviant situations (afwijkende situatie)
  • Registration of excavation damage

A prevention report is automatically generated and stored in the office module. The Preventie Service is an extension to the Klic Altijd en Overal Service.

The Prevention Dashboard

The Prevention Dashboard is the ultimate tool to create to quickly and easily create real time management overviews by region, team and or employee. This provides concrete input to discuss what is going well and what could be improved. Based on this, preventive measures can be taken and prevention is strongly integrated in process and business.

The Prevention Dashboard integrates all data administrated by Prevention Services and gives top-level insight into excavation behavior. At a glance, a graphical view of the past month the totals or averages are presented. In addition, a simple list view (ranking) shows which employees perform best and which least.Next to headlines and trends, the Prevention Dashboard offers insight into: Preventiedashboard

  • Excavation damage
  • Use of the Klic
  • Abnormal situations concerning test trenches


Within these charts, it is possible to filter by: 

  • Periods (adjustable period)
  • Region (specifically, total)
  • Employees (individual, teams)
  • Type aggregation (total, percentage)


By filtering, you can generate specific charts, showing for instance if more or less preventive measures in a given period were executed and how employees deal with Klic alerts. This provides insight into which region and employees need some extra attention.

The Prevention Dashboard offers insight into prevention data. How do employees at various locations and projects deal with Klic alerts? What measures are registered and how does this relate to any excavation damage? Reported data and analysis creates awareness and helps to reduce excavation damage. Because very often multiple projects are running simultaneously, it can be a challenge to keep an overview. You can simply not be present at all places. The Prevention Dashboard provides transparency and makes clear how it is dealt with prevention. This allows timely adjustments and contributes to preventing unnecessary damage. With the Prevention Dashboard excavation damage prevention will become and stay 'top of mind'.


Klic Aanvraag Service

The Klic Aanvraag Service complements the Klic Altijd en Overal Service and has automated the application for Klic reports from the Kadaster via Klic online. You don’t have to waste any more time on applications for Klic. The Klic application can be done automatically based on an address, series of addresses or coordinates. It is also possible to draw one, large area which the software then divides into areas of a maximum of 500m x 500m. Different data can be fed in by the user himself so that the Klic reports are made automatically depending on the phase of the project. Repeat applications can be made very fast this way as well.


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