Conditioning Cables and Ducts

There are about 1.75 million kilometres of cables and ducts under the ground in the Netherlands. These cables and ducts supply fluids, gas, electricity or signals and can have a diameter of more than 2 metres in some cases. When constructing or reconstructing infrastructure (road, railway or water), these services can present a bottleneck in the realisation of the plans. The cables and ducts which form a bottleneck have to be adapted first, before the construction or reconstruction can start.


GOconnectIT has experienced advisors who can supervise the whole cable and duct process in a project.  Our advisors have proved their worth in both the planning and realisation stages. Our strength is that we also have expertise in the legal and financial aspects of the process, as well as the technical side. This means that GOconnectIT is able to consider all the various interests involved correctly, and to provide the right advice in all phases of a project. Our advisors are also supported by various software tools which we have developed ourselves. These tools allow us to make valuable analyses of a project at an early stage, but they also enable us to supply estimates and cost division proposals. 

Our expertise:

  • Making an inventory of cables & ducts
  • Carrying out interface and bottleneck analyses
  • Drawing up relocation plans
  • Carrying out route application procedures
  • Generating cost-division proposals by means or our own GIS system
  • Drawing-up requests for adjustment / taking measures
  • Drawing-up decisions and project agreements
  • Carrying out route investigations
  • Drawing-up and testing estimates for all phases of a project
  • Carrying out risk analyses and providing risk management
  • Coordinating the preparation and execution of relocation projects
  • Testing final specifications and drawing-up final decisions
  • Drawing-up (functionally specified) requirements and (integrated) contracts
  • Providing (customised) training

ATLAS Project

One of the software tools which we have developed ourselves, and which we use to support the cable and duct process, is ATLAS Project. This GIS application allows everyone involved in the project to register, consult, plot and exchange geographic and administrative details of cables and ducts.

The application allows a simple distinction between an existing topography and a planned topography, and between existing and planned cables and ducts. It is also possible to define projects and to attribute a project status to cables and/or ducts. ATLAS Project also allows the progress of the project to be visualised. The project can be simply and easily followed by everyone involved in the project, without having to print piles of drawings.


  • Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere – Rijkswaterstaat
  • Maasvlakte-Vaanplein – A-Lanes A15
  • Westfrisiaweg – Province of North Holland
  • OV-SAAL – Alliantie Amsterdamse Waltz (ProRail and Combinatie Nieuwe Meer Sporen)


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